Mellon Summer Test Design & Development Workshops

Over the past 2 years of our Mellon project, we have learned that the first step in the creation of a collaborative curriculum is the design of end-of-first-year and end-of-second-year four-skills assessments. Only with end-of-sequence outcomes in place along with accompanying valid assessments, can course realignment and the sharing of students occur in meaningful ways.

We will hold two duplicate workshops in 2019, June 24-27 and August 18-21. Participation in an ACTFL 4-day OPI Workshop is a prerequisite for these workshops. They are also designed for pairs (or triads or quartets) of instructors in LCTLs. After participation in the workshop, you will have a complete DESIGN of your end-of sequence assessments. In consultation with CLC staff you will complete the DEVELOPMENT (e.g. choosing reading and listening texts, fleshing out tasks, preparing a scoring rubric).